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Super Bandom. Save a Kitten.

If it's AU, then it's what we do.

Super Bandom
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A Bandom AU Community


super_bandom began life as a challenge community but due to poor maintainance, it failed. But now, we're back and we're better than ever. Meet the AU community.

Ever read a fic so amazing you jsut had to share? Rec it here. Want to try out an AU story before you release it to the big old world of bandom? Post it here. Want to find that story that you'd thought was lost forever? Ask for it here.

As long as it's AU, we do it.

The Rules

What AU means to me and you:
So, we all know that AU means different things to different people. Slave!fic is definitely AU, for instance. So, I've devised a list of things that are AU according to this community.

Another time period - Historical, 70's, future. Anything that puts them in a different time.
Not in a Band - Quite simply where they have other jobs and are not successful in their own bands.
Canon Change - This has to be significant, like the Panic split not happening, or Bob never joining MCR. Things that change the course of the band's or individual's history.
Other worlds/Space/Other universes - Fic where they are not on earth.
Genderswap - This is always-a-girl/boy, not like Pete's suddenly got tits and wants to experiment.
Superhero/Magic fic - Anything where they have unusual and seemingly impossible powers.
Acts of God - This includes apocalypse fic, things that happen to the band that are out of the ordinary, injuries that never happened (Stay Right Here and A Finer Command of Language) and other things that are out of the band's control that changes their history/future.
Laws of Physics - Things where underlying basic laws, like gravity and things, don't apply or have been changed.

If there's anything that's not covered in the list, or you're just concerned, always feel free to email superbandom@gmail.com.

All Fic Posts must include a Header with the following things: Title, Author, Word Count, Rating, Pairing(s) if any, Summary, Warnings if any and a link to either a master post or directly to the story.

All Rec Posts must include: The theme that the recs are based on; the title, author, rating and summary of the story. You may wish to also include your own description or thoughts on it.

All Fic Finding Posts must be headed with the phrase: 'Finding Post' and if possible with the band(s) it refers to. They don't have to be specific, but please try delicious.com before you post here.

The Staff:

At the present, do_come_in is the only member of staff, but we're always looking for more people to help with the moderation and regular recs.